Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life is an animal.

obey! her legs,
she rises
beneath her embrace
are murderers.
 navel downwards to disappear.
the subject there
my mortal eyes,
resigned to strength
and nails do another.

they murdered their original
the pleasure
cannot lie down on medicine.
first from my veins.
 an alliance with milk, honey, sugar, or order
it's hard to see our trackmarks
be defined as may be, and unfinished sentences,
delights in oozing
free their value,
he bit straight kiss.
though kissing her,
because life is an animal
that even at its conception

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A perfect virtue

and either natural tendency to try another legislation,
the signal given, th' oblivious pool, `and see you.
Your change more wakeful, more vices
And waking we happened,
from somebody else
subsists about those near
so plainly seen
in celestial song.

some designated horn would feel it,
one flesh, or fieldfare

the disproportion may suppose this

he looked more mottled than cowardice.
For dogs bark of concealment
accustomed to ruin;

so frightened myself,
irritable, hard
a venom-spider, rewritten over
one vein. the stretching right paw of terror
the throng of perfect virtue,
A perfect terror.