Saturday, April 16, 2016

Nature's Universal Freedom

Cheerfulness away,
dissolve, and troubling
her early

producing her eyes: and curse.

Half seen aw'd
Echoed into nature

ghostly weeping
what my trooping hounds employed
by hard compulsion
bent to create the widow's weed
And reaching fingers
while upswelling
her caressing sobs
began an urn of me.

How glorious this source
Shut softly up awake
And, downward, suddenly
in under tone
Pouring a silence

no dark conspiracy
of cruel men
Fallen in full display
Full of continual voice
therefrom grew drunken
and consider!

Notice how light fades past them
its dying tone and noisy factories.
the comfortable green of their doom.
pure deliciousness. for tasting joys.
that word a sheltering ivy
in fresh carved angels
far More healthful midnight spirit
than the fragile bones
Save one on Nature's universal freedom.
A dreary hour of lips she foams
And to shade Ourselves
In buried paths
feeding With blood


Text from keats.bias.json

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