Monday, April 18, 2016

a portrait of defiance.

A sterile landscape or social custom
serve to slip the noose
And you then faded
By history's seven satellites
and the scandalous absence
of fresh sympathy for rejected kings

An unceasing death inside authority
Where their time shoots warlike --
The solitary walk. Whether I use you
now reduced, withdrawn,
a melted worn weapon
nested in the iris
of demons.

Now the banner at nightfall strikes deep
the calculated pageant
vibrating through
refined and sullen notes

Another generation since
built on chisell'd histories,
arts, experiments -- It's business
or hog's lard. This centre of Paradise
crowding from three peerless stars
two sworded envoys
transcending all seductions

How Solemn.
Everything indicates heroes.
a simple, compact, sleeping
our progress of starshine
these postures, beyond them.
no monuments exist
when servility
results from the sweetest song
or suns a sword shaped explosion.
wars and adages, transmitted safely
around turning clustering trees.
the systems. that circling.
can warp or fire
toward denser wars.

I sing
My enemy
noonday sunbeams


From whitman.bias.json

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