Monday, April 11, 2016

The Parlance of Schemata

Their message was turning the beasts from abstract horror. machines under heaven. generic hybrid manners. in bleak deserts. in cozy safety,
and jelly isn't enough. chewing at Eve, Eve at its animal portion. a masochist becomes subordinated to whichever words we began laughing.
Shrill, the parlance of schemata.

Verbs can have regular sex. his mouth, his place all along. trying to manufacture solid obstruction.

though there's a grammar of something beautiful.

It signifies something to resurrect; for measuring; a clot of art
smashed the lynched god whose processional tears breast feed you
empathized with relentless pain
had an essence a shame,
you go toward understanding.
With discipline.

objects inseminated within
extremely pragmatic.

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